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EDU Child is affiliated with the well recognised ALOHA India, which is the Indian subsidiary of  ALOHA International, Malaysia, a Global Leader in advanced Abacus and Mental Arithmetic programs.

ALOHA International is the world’s largest Abacus training company. It has trained more than 5 million students in the last 23 years of existence. ALOHA International is a reputed internally accredited educational institution with 5500 centres spread across 37 Countries with 5 Million students. Essentially, the ALOHA Programs are nothing but Scientific Brain Management Techniques that unveil the infinite potential of the human brain and its effective use.


EDU Child programs have been complied by a cohort consisting of Australian teachers and teachers from ALOHA India. This combination has allowed for the proven mental techniques to be incorporated into the program and tailored to the Australian curriculum.

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